Please join us for our 2021 Annual Fundraiser—a COVID-safe, family-friendly progressive driving supper throughout Birmingham.  The driving dinner and history tour will take place on Sunday, March 14, 2021 from 1:00-4:00pm.  The tour route and historical content is being developed in partnership with the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and a portion of the funds raised for this event will be donated to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

The event, “Intersections of Judaism and Civil Rights in Birmingham,” is our first ever “Nosh & Learn” takeout tour. Along the tour route, participants will learn about civil rights and Jewish history in the comfort of your car with food stops along the way.  Your tour will be guided by a podcast narrated by community leaders as well as a tour booklet which will  explain the nuances of the Jewish story in conversation with the civil rights movement in Birmingham, Alabama.

This driving tour is a sneak peek into the development of the Beth El Civil Rights Experience; a multimedia project focused on this underexplored history, coming to Birmingham Fall 2021. The Beth El Civil Rights Experience includes the implementation of a visitor’s site, creation of a short documentary film and app-based audio tour, and public-facing programming on Civil Rights past and present.

Each car rider must have a dinner ticket.  Each ticket includes a tour booklet, snacks, and dinner on-the-go. 


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